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(Crested) Sharpbill

April 11, 2011

Hello from Ubatuba!

Yesterday, me and all my group of 10 birders had smashing views of the Sharpbill !!!
It was just ten yards from us and he had enough time to watch it thru. the scope.
What a bird!!!
Of Course: It is a Cotinga!!!
Some people / books calls it “Crested” Sharpbill but, being the only one Sharpbill in South America, there is no need to complicate his name that already says everything!

May you all have a great day & wonderful week!


Paulo Boute.


Carajas National Forest – A True Bird Paradise!

April 2, 2011

I’m back from Carajás.
It was very good!
On our last day, there, we went to the “Aguas Claras” Road.
Still with very few traffic & lots of birds: White Hawk, White-crested Guan and Purple-throated Fruitcrow.
I recommend Carajás a lot!

Best Regards,

Paulo Boute.