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Unforgetable month of June!!!

June 22, 2010

Unforgetable month of June!!!


June will be an unforgatable month!!!
I had superb views of a Jaguar at the Pantanal – Swiming across the river, then, later coming out of the water & watching us – eye to eye – for a while then, climbing a bank & leaving the area…

I will also shall return to Manaus after a couple of years…The purpose: To scout a new Jungle Lodge and also meet friends – Old and new ones…

Then, I will go to Rio to guide for a few days at REGUA…

In the mean time, I had a chance to visit the family in Aracaju, spending Valentine’s day with my wife & watching my soon palying soccer and making goals!!!


Paulo Boute.


Birds & Jaguars

June 9, 2010

Birds & Jaguars!


Just got back from the Pantanal!
What a wonderful trip & What wonderful guests: Three people from Californina and one couple from the East Coast – They were all long time friends.
We had loads of birds at the Pantanal – Plus a special cherry at the top of the cake: A Jaguar!!!
First, we had it swimming, then leaving the water, then, looking at us then, finally, climbing the river bank…

Very Best Regards,

Paulo Boute.