Birds & Coffee: What a great combination!


For those that already birded in Brazil and for those that still are planning a first trip to this wonderful country, might wondering the reasons of the title of my BLOG today…

Well, Brazil is known by its coffee…but, not the way we drink it…We like it as strong as it can be…turning even a small cup of coffee into a true & powerful “cafein weapon!”:-)

The good birding lodges serve them, very early…usually, half an hour before the sunrise…sometimes…I bring it to the bedroom of my guests – What a surprise for them to get such “room service” so early…
I tell you: A good coffee , as the first thing in the morning – Helps a lot!
Then, later combined the excitment of seeing Lifers…makes a perfect birding time!

Enjoy the Weekend & a nice cup of coffee too!


Paulo Boute.


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