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New Itinerary for the Northeast – Coming soon!

March 11, 2010
Hello !
Good News!
I working on a NEW Itinerary for the Brazilian Northeast !
After a good number of trips, I believe that the itinerary, shown, at my web site has to change…
I intend to offer a much more complete one, covering mostly of the area &  having a two week duration!
More soon!
Enjoy the Weekend!
Paulo Boute.

Birding in the Morning!

March 4, 2010


 Someone, once said: Birding in the afternoon is never as good, as birding in the morning – Specially, at the Tropics. This week, I had to go to the airport, very early in the morning – Before the sunrise… When, I returned home, I drove thru. a very nice area with Palm Trees – I could hear the birds & see some of the flying…What a wonderful way to start a day! It brought me memories of so many mornings that I birded in so many places in Brazil… The excitement of seeing birds all the day long…


Paulo Boute.

The Most Beautiful Forest in Brazil is in Bahia!!!

March 1, 2010

Hello ! I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Today, I would recommend & talk about the most beautiful forest in Brazil. It is located at the State of Bahia, at its southern region. It is quite preserved there, specially, because the area has been used for shade grown cacao. The size of the trees is absolutely fantastic, as well, the incredible diversity of plants there: In some case, more than 400 per hectar!!! This forest is a combination of the Atlantic & Amazon Forest: On its best, since we have the same type of combination in other areas of Brazil… Birding is also one of the best in Brazil, being Boa Nova a true Bird Paradise!

I wish everyone a great day & wonderful week!!!


Paulo Boute.