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Tinamous & Chickens!!!

October 31, 2009

Hello !

I’m back to Mato Grosso for a birding trip to the Pantanal, Serra das Araras and Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park. Then, I will go to the city of Fortaleza, for a Photo Trip, at the Brazilian Northeast…

My previous trip to the Pantanal was, absolutely fantastic!!!

I had within an hour: Dark-throated Seedeater and Rufuous-rumped Seedeater.

Plus, my first lek – ever – for Buff-bellied Hermit.

On this trip, I will try to confirm a reliable spot for Red-winged Tinamou: According to a local cowboy, they come at the end of the day, to his back yard to be fed with his chickens !!!

Of course: Has to be seen to be believed – and, that is what I going to do!!!

Enjoy the Weekend!


Paulo Boute.


New Office in Aracajú !

October 28, 2009

New Office in Aracajú !


Great News: Finally, we moved to a new office in Aracajú.

The nice thing about it is the breeze coming from the Ocean.

Here, we need no fan or AC.

There are a few birds around too: Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, Southern Lapwing and a pair of Great Kiskadees!!!

We might celebrate X-mas, with all the Family, here!


Paulo Boute.

Roraima – A Great Bird Destination!

October 11, 2009
Hello !
Very few of my reader may had heard about the Brazilian State of Roraima…
Please, don’t blame yourself if, you are one of them…
Roraima is still a, completly,  unknown destination for most of  the people – including birders.
This is a Brazilian State located on the North of Brazil, with borders with Venezuela and the British Guiana.
Its capital is the beautiful city of Boa Vista – Free of House Sparrows & Packed with Tropical Mockingbirds!!!
I will do my best in the next months to spread the word about this magnificent place.
To get there, the best option is to fly to Manaus. Then, with just one hour flight you can reach Boa Vista.
I don’t have a bird list to offer, yet. But, it may come up soon…
Very Best Regards,
Paulo Boute.

October 8, 2009


 I’m still in Boa Vista, the capital of the Brazilian State of Roraima, teaching birdwatching to the local community.

It is being great – They are very interested & learn quite fast. But, there is an amazing fact at this town: There is no House Sparrows!!!

I never had been to a Brazilian town , without House Sparrows before… May be the reason is because , this town is very isolated from any other town…

Boa Vista is located at the Amazon River Basin, but the vegetation around the city is mostly Savannas.

I wish everyone a great day & wonderful weekend!!!


Paulo Boute.

There are Tropical Mockingbirds – Everywhere !!!

October 6, 2009

Hello !

It’s being wonderful to be at the city of Boa Vista !

There are Tropical Mockingbirds – Everywhere !!!

Right now, sunrise time, they are calling a lot!!! I love their song.

The Tropical Mockingbird is a bird that I had seen only once before – At the Coast of Brazil.

But, here at the State of Roraima, they are found also inland – I will teach , during my BWD course, how blessed the local population is with such fact.


Paulo Boute.

Teaching Birdwatching in Boa Vista – State of Roraima.

October 4, 2009
Right now, I’m in Sao Paulo. But, in a few hours, I will be taking a flight to Boa Vista, which is the Capital of the State of Roraima.There, during the next week, I will be teaching Birdwatching for a group of people – Including Local Tour Guides and Travel Agents.I never had been , so far Norht, above the Equator line, in Brazil.It shall be a Great Experience, that I intend to relate in the next day to you !