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News from the Field !

August 11, 2009


Just got back from a wonderful trip to the Pantanal and Serra das Araras!

 At the Pantanal the highlights were a flock of 40 Hyacinth Macaws, a Jaguar Рas good as it gets!, Tapir and a lifer for the Pantanal: Chesnut-capped Blackbird.

At Serra das Araras, we found the young Harpy Eagle just 20 feet above the ground & above our heads!!! After some full frame pictures taken by my guests , we saw it flying to a near by tree and late to another tree – Beautiful Flights!!!

¬†Tomorrow, I’m leaving for the Northeast for a very extensive Birding Tour.


Paulo Boute. (New Content)


300 Lear’s Macaws!!!

August 4, 2009

Hello !

Just got back from a Birding Tour on the Brazilian Northeast: Couldn’t be better – We had about 300 Hyacinth Macaws!!!

We saw them flying in flocks, perched on cactus, feeding in Palm trees, grazzing wiht the cattle and even perched on telephone wires!!!


Paulo Boute.