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Church Sparrow?

July 27, 2009
I’m in Aracajú…Just about to leave for Salvador, from where I will start a 08 day birding tour on the Brazilian NE.
Yesterday ( Sunday) I went to the mass service on a catholic church near by. (I’m a catholic).
During the sermon, I couldn’t ignore the House Sparrows calling from inside the church.
The building is a very basic one, without a celling – Just the roof.
The sparrow like to built nests there & like it as a shelter, as well.
This is true for most churches in Brazil – The House Sparrows loves the churches!!!
By the way, in Brazil the Barn Owl is called the Church Owl ( among other names).
So, I wondering why not to call the House Sparrow , the Church Sparrow???
May everyone have a great day & wonderful week!
Paulo Boute.

Garden Lifers !

July 9, 2009

I do have quite a nice garden at my office in Mato Grosso.

Once in a while, I get there – totally – unexpected birds.

The most recent ones are : A Red-crested Finch, that , apparently, is living there & a pair of Toucan Toucans seen on a Cecropia tree.

Today, I’m leaving for the Pantanal. I will also go to Serra das Araras and Chapada National Park.
This time I intend to make a better video & pictures of the Harpy Eagle.


Paulo Boute.

Bush Dog X Gray-breasted Crake.

July 3, 2009

Hello ! Just got back from a wonderful trip to the Pantanal! We had the Very Rare: Bush Dog!!! Everyone got excited – But, I got even more excited in having a lifer: Gray-breasted Crake! Always heard but, hardly seen… Enjoy the Weekend! Yours, Paulo Boute.