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Hello from the Araripe National Forest

April 21, 2009

Hello! I’m back to Crasto – A lovely village, extremely close to the National Forest of Araripe. This time I came guiding journalists interested on the Araripe Manakin & the National Forest of Araripe. It rainned but, it wasn’t a problem to film it & some of the other Caatinga Endemics such the Caating Antwren, Silvery-Cheeked and Caatinga Barred Antshrike. I may leave tomorrow but, I’m already missing this wonderful place!!! Paulo Boute.


Harpy Eagle – As good as it gets!

April 13, 2009

Hello from Ubatuba!

But, today I want to talk about SERRA DAS ARARAS & its wonderful Harpy Eagle nest:

It is as good as it gets.

The chick is totally visible & constantly with one of the parents at the nest!!!

It can be seen from the ground near the nest and also from the “Observatory Paulo Boute”.

May you all have a nice day & wonderful week!


Paulo Boute.

Birdwatching Growing in Brazil !!!

April 2, 2009

Good News: Birdwatching is growing in Brazil!
Many Brazilians are learning about Birdwatching, which is still poorly known as a hobby in Brazil & not fashionable at all!
Some students are devoting their time to learn about birds & starting working as bird guides and some other people are building facilities for birdwatchers, which is the particular case of :

I wish everyone a Great Day & Wonderful Weekend!


Paulo Boute.