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Patagonia .

February 10, 2009

Dear All,

Below, you will find three links that will lead you to wonderful pictures taken , recently, in Chile & Argentina. The author is Eberhard Hummel ( Germany).



Paulo Boute.


Tour Schedule .

February 4, 2009


Today, I would like to report about my recent tour schedule & the coming one:

I already had one trip to the Pantanal, Serra das Araras ( Saw both Harpies at the nest) and Chapada dos Guimarães National Park.
I also went to Canastra ( saw two Brazilian Mergansers) and also to Intervales and Peruíbe.

Next week ( Wed), I will start two week NE tour. Then, one week at the Atlantic Forest ( Itatiaia & Ubatuba), followed by another week at the NE…Then, I will have a two week break, starting again, with a trip to the Pantanal & taking the same group to the Atlantic Forest on the first two weeks of April…

So, please, be patient with me if, I won’t be posting, frequently, in the next months at my blog…Thanks.


Paulo Boute.

Slender Antbird.

February 3, 2009

Boa Nova Village – State of Bahia.


I’m in my way to Boa Nova Village – State of Bahia. I will be in search of the Slender Antbird!
I will be with a couple from Boston.
The most important thing I would like to comment, today, is: The Slender Antbird is changing the mentality of the local population, concerning Bird Preservation!
SAVE BRAZIL is doing a wonderful work , telling the local dwellers how important & threatned this bird is…And, its working – With wonderful side effects: Many people stopped keeping birds in cage & stopped hunting them with weapons & sling shots – Isn’t that great???


Paulo Boute.