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What a Surprise!

September 29, 2008



I just got from Serra das Araras.

We had no Harpy! 😦

But, in other hand , I had one of the best surprises of my life!

The owners of the logde built a look out, on the top of a rock formation & gave my name to it!

I can not express how touching such event is being to me…

From there it is possible to see the Harpy Eagle nest & all the area around it.

I’m adding a photo of it.

May you all have a nice day & great week!


Paulo Boute.


Birds & Jaguar!

September 26, 2008

Hello from the Pantanal!

It’s being great to be back here!

Lots of Birds & one Jaguar!

Mostly Jabiru’s nests are having juvenal birds almost ready to leave the nest…It’s being great to see them jumping out of the nest & praticing their first wing beats!…


Paulo Boute.

I’m Back to Mato Grosso…

September 23, 2008


Well,  I’m back to Mato Grosso.

It was loooong bus ride: 24h!

But, I’m glad to be back to the main office, specially, after some very good rains on the last days…We are now in the Spring – The Rufous-bellied Thrushes are singing ( a lot) again!

But, I’m  NOT fully happy – Just got the information about a tragedy : The Grandson – The only one – Of my aunt Emilia, died on a motorbike crash – He was just  19 years old!…

Very, Very Sad…

He lived on a town called ARAPONGAS, which means BELLBIRDS. The most interesting fact about  his place is: ALL the streets & Avenues have BIRD NAMES!

As I said, I went there , last weekend. Driving or walking on that towns was like finding lifers:

Hey! This is the Toucan Street – I never had been here before…Then, I was excited to find out the name of the coming street…What? Swallow avenue? Great! I like that!…

Even, extinct birds of Birds of the Ancient Greek, have room there!



Paulo Boute.

Campo Mourao side walks – Picture.

September 18, 2008



I’ m glad in sharing a picture, I took , today about the side walks of this  village.


Many years ago a  past mayor passed a law that people should have their side walks with the shape of Martins.

But, there is  a  problem: They used white stones  that get brown , due the fact the soil on this area is very rich in iron…

Unless it is nice and clean – It’s kind of hard to appreciate the beauty of the side walk…

I’m leaving, tomorrow,  to visit some relatives in a near by town…Then, I will combine it with my trip, by bus – 24h ride – Back to Mato Grosso.

Tuesday is a the day, when I shall place my next  message & hopefully, some pictures too!

Enjoy the Weekend.

Paulo Boute.

Plan Change…

September 17, 2008


Well, I may post the side walk pictures, only tomorrow…

Today, I had a change on my plans…I went to a near by village , called CIANORTE, where I spent my childhood…It took me one hour driver thru. farm country: Lots of corn,  which just got harvested.

I saw lots of Eared Dove and some Souther Crested Caracaras.

Best Regards,

Paulo Boute.

I’m in Heaven!!! :-)

September 16, 2008


I have very good news: I’m cured from my pneumonia!

Thanks God!

I got a “fresh”  x-ray , yesterday.

So, yesterday night, I took a overnight bus ride from Sao Paulo City  & came to Campo Mourao.

It’s is not far from Iguassu Falls. Here lives my mother ( 86 years old!!!) and sister and her daughter.

Tomorrow, I intend to post some pictures of the side walks of this village – It has silhoute of Martins!!!

In the past, this village was been visited by huge flocks of Gray-breasted & Purple Martins!

Bye for now,



September 15, 2008


Thanks to everyone that has been wishing me a recovery from my pneumonia.

I’m feeling better. I went to a doctor, Saturday night. He says my lungs are OK. But, I should get a x-ray to be sure…Which I will try to get, today.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sending a group of birders to the Atlantic Forest. They went with Giuliano.

I was booked for another tour that ended up being cancelled. Any how, it was great to meet the tour participants. I met them , at the airport Saturday night when they arrived from the Pantanal. I shared a room with Giuliano & had breakfast with the group. They will bird at  Itatiaia and Ubatuba. I’m excited to hear them about the nest of the Swallow-tailed Cotinga, that I found last August…

Tonight, I may take a bus ride to visit my mother. She lives near Iguassu Falls. I might spend the week with her, because, after this gap on my agenda I only will be able to see her by the third week of December.

May Everyone have a great day & Wonderful Week .

Again: Thanks!

Paulo Boute.

My Trip to Sao Paulo City.

September 12, 2008


Tomorrow, I will take a flight to Sao Paulo City.

I have a few things to do there: Including meeting a group on their way to the Atlantic Forest.

They are three Americans guided by Giuliano Bernandon – Member of the Boute Expeditions Guide Team.

They are taking our Fixed Departure for the September tour.

I also shall visit my two brothers that live there and last but, not least: See a GOOD Doctor, that can give me an up date on the status of my Pneumonia! I’m not feeling totally good and I don’t like it – I have a tour  to guide around the corner…

I may need to ask  my readers to be patient in case, I won’t be able to place posts for the next days…

But, as soon as I can, I hope to bring good news – Specially , about the Harpy Eagle Nesting site at Serra das Araras, which I scheduled to bird.

Enjoy the Weekend!

Paulo Boute.

Scarlet Ibis II

September 10, 2008


Yesterday, I went  for the Scarlet Ibis, with Prof. Marcelo Cardoso. We had a great time watching this magnificent bird – We spent about 20 minutes there…

By the way, we found a young man, watching birds too. He didn’t have  a pair of binoculars so, he used on of ours.

Prof. Marcelo told me this particular individual has been seen in the Coast of the State of Sergipe for the past  five years. Always alone, having a very erratic behaivour.

Any how, anyone birding in Aracajú can have hopes of seeing the Scarlet Ibis. Isn’t that great?

Best Regards,


Scarlet Ibis II

September 9, 2008


Today, I shall go back to the egret  & heron roosting place, trying to have a second look at the Scarlet Ibis.

I may have the Company of my very good friend:  Marcelo Cardoso.

In the past, the Scarlet Ibis was a commom bird in Brazil ( about 500 years ago). The Brazilian Indians were even doing dresses with their feathers!!!

Polutions & destruction of their Natural Habitat, made them almost disapear…But, there are some places they still can be found: Marajó Island ( where the Amazon River flows into the Atlantic Ocean) and in Cubatão village , near São Paulo City.

Best Regards,

Paulo Boute.