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Australians in Brazil!

July 31, 2008


Today, I will start getting my first Australians guests for 2008.

It will be a couple.  They wanted to be here,in Sao Paulo, a few days the tour starts.

Our Tour will start next Sunday. We shall Bird in Intervales, Itatiaia , Ubatuba and last but, not least:

Canastra National Park.

I will keep a record of our birds, in this BLOG!

Enjoy the Weekend!

Paulo Boute.


Carajás is VERY GOOD!

July 29, 2008


Carajás National Forest is VERY GOOD!!!

We had superb birds such White Bellbird, Purple-breasted and White-tailed Cotinga .

Not mentioning great looks at the young Harpy at its Nest!!!

I recommend this place to everyone!


Paulo Boute.

Carajás – Famous Birds – 1.

July 24, 2008


In about 24 hours, I will take my flight to Carajás National Forest.

One of its, most famous birds is the BLACK-CHESTED TYRANT.

There is a couple of places where this bird can be found at the Park…Let’s see in how many I will be able to see it…

Pictures of the bird can be seen at:


Paulo Boute.

I’m in my way to Carajás National Forest.

July 22, 2008


Today, I’m taking a flight to Sao Paulo.

There, on Friday, I shall take another flight to the Carajás National Forest.

It is NOT a “National Park” – It is a National Forest…because, it is also the place for the Largest Iron mine in the world! So, due to this economical activity, it has an specific designation…

I will have two guests from Germany…

They are NOT hard core birders – But, still we shall see LOTS of birds!


Paulo Boute.

Sunday Report.

July 21, 2008


Good Morning!!!

Well, I wanted to go out yesterday – Sunday – Enjoying the very sunny day…But, I got the visit of relatives…having to cancel that…BUT, in other hand I also got the visit of a very good friend:

Professor Marcelo Cardoso – He gave very good news – He is in the process of finishing a Bird List for the State of Sergipe!!! I will be a commented one & shall be published very soon!!!

Best Regards,

Paulo Boute.

Sunny Sunday!!!

July 20, 2008


Hello from a Sunny city of Aracajú.

For the second day, in a row – it is being very sunny!

Perfect to bird around – which I shall be doing today.

Tomorrow, I will describe my birding experience…

Enjoy the Weekend!

Paulo Boute.

Lots of Rain!!!

July 18, 2008


I’m at our branch office in Aracajú, State of Sergipe – Brazil.

The Weather Service is surprised with the amount of rain in the last days & low temperatures = about 18 C.

It is being the rainniest & coolest year ever recorded…

Any how, I’m glad my next Birding Trips in the Brazilian Northeast are all scheduled to start from November on…

Enjoy the weekend!

Paulo Boute.

Where is Ubatuba…

July 16, 2008


Sorry…It’s my fault, I should had placed a link for Ubatuba County , on my last post…

The location of it , can be seen at:

It’s about three hours drive from the City of Sao Paulo.


Paulo Boute.

Ubatuba = 502 Species of Birds!!!

July 15, 2008


I’m in Ubatuba.

This place is FULL of Birds!

I just got informed that 502 species of birds has been recorded for the county of Ubatuba.

“Why I’m not surprised?” :-)…

It will be great to come back here, on my next trip, in a couple of weeks…


Paulo Boute.

Long Life to the Birds of Itatiaia!

July 11, 2008

Dear Readers,

Good Morning!

I’m posting this message, from the NATIONAL PARK OF ITATIAIA, State of Rio de Janeiro.

Very few places, made me so Happy with with my profession of Bird Leader!


I’m with a group of four  American Birders. We are staying at the Hotel do Ypê.

The Hotel do Ypê is a Piece of Heaven – Very nice accommodations & EXCELENT MEALS!

The Bird & Hummer Feeders are something to be SEEN TO BE BELIEVED!!!

Some of the pictures of the Feeders can be seen at:

May you all have a nice day & Great Weekend!

Paulo Boute.