Spectacled Owl at the Pantanal!!!

Hello !

Well, after a few days away…I’m deligthed in being able to share a great moment, I had three days ago, when I was co-leading a trip to the Pantanal with Bret Withney ( Field Guides Inc.).

I had my very first Spectacled Owl at the Pantanal!

This was a wonderful thing for everyone since we could watch this bird, properly, at Serra das Araras.

I NEVER heard of someone or read a trip report, talking about this Owl at the Pantanal.

For the record: We were in a very isolated area & stayed on a lodge , unfortunately, very poorly explored by birders: www.ilhadocaracara.com.br

Enjoy the Weekend!

Paulo Boute.


One Response to “Spectacled Owl at the Pantanal!!!”

  1. vhmartins Says:


    Very interesting your post, I liked a lot. I make a photographic tourism in the Pantanal and would you follow my blog, visit and leave a comment, updated during the trip.
    Let’s exchange links? I will add your blog on my site.
    Hug and I hope you there

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