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Cougar Twice!!!

May 30, 2008


Birding in Chapada dos Guimarães, State of Mato Grosso,  is very being VERY GOOD.

Yesterday, we got a “cherry at the top of the cake” : We saw Cougar Twice!!!


Paulo Boute.










Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle!

May 29, 2008
Great News: Me and a couple of birders from BELGIUM, had a chance to watch & photograph a BLACK-AND-WHITE HAWK-EAGLE at the Pantanal.
This was my second sight at the Pantanal, despite of birding there for 26 years!!!
That is a RARE Bird!!!
Paulo Boute.


May 19, 2008


I’m back to the Pantanal!

My Lodge , has a very good Wi Fi Zone, which allows me to be in touch with the World & keep my Blog up dated…

We are having a fantastic time here: Sample –  On the same day we had the very rare Xenopsaris & Yellow-browed Tyrant!!!

A Complete Field Check List will be shared soon.  It is being great to be the only guests here – A true luxury &  Big Pity for not have other birders, sharing this wonderful  time of the year, which is the beg. of the Dry Season, when everything is still very green & pure air, without dust or smoke.

May Everyone have a great day & wonderful week!

Paulo Boute.

Nacunda Nighthawks.

May 16, 2008

Hello !

In the past weeks, I had seen Nacunda Nighthawks, in town, flying around utility poles, until late in the night.

They extended their “feeding hours”  due  the city lights…In the Field you can only see them late in the day & very early in the morning (sometimes).

My most incredible, expererience, with them, happened near the International Airport in Sao Paulo, where they can be seen at the parking lot of the INTERNATIONAL SHOPPING CENTER.

Me and my guests almost had a “brain shock” when we realized that we were watching birds sorrounded by about 21.000.000 people – The population of Greater Sao Paulo.


Paulo Boute.



A Dreaming Coming True!

May 15, 2008


I just had a dream coming true , this week!

I had a Red-shouldered Macaw, perching on a palm tree in my yard.

I planted this palm tree, 10 years ago, with the hope that someday the macaws would find it…

The palm tree is not big enough for having them for roosting there , yet, but, just knowing the macaws are keeping an eye on it , it’s very promissing!!!

I planted this palm tree when it was just a foot tall ( if, not less than that…). Today it is about

100 foot tall.

May Everyone have a great weekend!

Paulo Boute.








Harpy Eagles Nest Status.

May 14, 2008


Well, after a good number of days away from Internet connection. I’m back, ready to inform the status of the Harpy Eagle Nest at Serra das Araras at the State of Mato Grosso – Brazil.

Well, the nest is well built, giving great evidence the Harpy Eagles are having serious plans to start a new family.

But, despite of going to the nest tree twice: Morning and afternoon, we could not find any of the parents.

I didn’t use the play back either.

Making a short story: “Close but, no cigar…” 😦

I’m returning there , next week, with the hope to bring you some more news…hopefully, better ones!


Paulo Boute.









May 4, 2008





I’m having a great birding trip at the Pantanal.

Soon, I may publish a complete bird report. But, in the mean time, I can’t resist  telling you all that me and my clients had great looks at a COUGAR!

We were standing on the Transpantaneira Highway by 05:00 pm. When I spotted it, crossing the road, then, I told my clients. Then, a great surprise, the Cat, stood for about 05 seconds on the the other side of the road before getting again inside the vegetation. It was about 100  yards away.

I had great looks on cougars before but, in other parts of Brazil. At the Pantanal, this was my best one, so far…

May you all have a great weekend & Wonderful Week.


Paulo Boute.

Very Cold!!!

May 1, 2008


It’s being very cold!

How much?  When, feel free to check the CNN Weather Channel. It’s unbeliveable how a Tropical Country such Brazil can be cold…

We hope tomorrow, will be better weather, which will be VERY good for birds, since they will ALL be missing the SUN !