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Pearl Kite.

March 31, 2008


I hope you all had a nice weekend.

I didn’t write my blog in the last two days for a good reason: I was biriding!

I had a great time! One of the highlights was the Pearl Kite.

Among the birds of prey, the Pearl Kite always causes lots of excitment among my guests.  Mostly people say its because, it has a nice combination of  colors.

One event, impressed me a lot: I saw it, literally, throwing himself into a prey!

It was perched on a power line. Since there was a lizzard, right below him, it couldn’t not flight to it. So, it just let itself  to fall into the creature. There was a strong sound when it hit the prey/ground but, apparently, it was harmless to it…being able to take off  with the prey, carrying it with its feet.

That is what you can call: Good Bird! 🙂

May everyone have a great day & wonderful week!

“See you” tomorrow!

Paulo Boute. 


Day Time/Night Time Birds.

March 28, 2008

Hello !

If, there is a bird that I can’t tell if, it is a “Day Time or Night Time Bird” it is the Tree-Ducks, also called Whistling-Ducks. I lost count of how many times I has them flying in different times during the night! Since they were flying high, it was not just a matter of moving from one place to another  near by place, which would be the case if, they were disturbed by a snake or any other predator…

I had been looking / searching on the literature for a good explanation for that…and had not found yet…If, any of the readers could help me…I will be your best friend! 🙂

Enjoy the Weekend!


The Caatinga Vegetation.

March 26, 2008


I would like to mention an endemic vegetation of Brazil: The Caatinga.

Since, its is an endemic vegetation, you can suppose it has its own endemic birds.

And, you are right!!!

There is a very good number of endemic birds living on the Caatinga Vegetation!

There is detailed information on the vegetation itself at: 

The text mention the Spix’s Macaw, that – sadly – is extinct in the wild…

But, the Lear’s Macaw is there and the best: You can count on it!

Just a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

Paulo Boute. 

“The Best Perfums…”

March 25, 2008


The is a saying: “The Best Perfums are kept in the smallest bottles”.

Well, Sergipe is the smallest State of Brazil…

And, in certain way, it has its “secrets”: One of them, that I would like to make a comment, today, is  “The Hawk Park”.

It has about 200 birds of prey, mostly of them, being getting rehabilitation to live in the Wild again.

There is a site, see below, that despite of being in Portuguese,  can offeryou a sense  of how serious is the job their are doing there.

Bye for now.

 Paulo Boute. 

Destination: Brazil.

March 24, 2008


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter & nice weekend.

Destination: Brazil. Besides, the many birding trips offered to Brazil, birders may wish to come to this country for a very special event:  The 25th. Ornithological  Congress.

It will be a great opportunity to Bird in Brazil & Lear a lot about birds!

It will be in 2010, giving everyone losts of time to plan the trip & do the homework.

Their site is:

I wish everyone a great day & wonderful week!

Paulo Boute.

White-tailed Kite

March 23, 2008

Hello & Happy Easter to Everyone!

I had a White-tailed Kite, flying near my home. I often see it, along a beach, not far from here. It was a bit strange seeing it flying over houses…

About it its name: Every birders that I guide always make the same comment: They liked the name better when it was “Black-Shouldered Kite”.  And, I have to agree, once you see its black spots on its shoulders, that image, “sticks” forever in you memory!

It is a great bird to watch, since it does “kitting”  very often, allowing you to see it very well.

Once More: Happy Easter to Everyone! ( For those that don’t keep the Holiday – Enjoy the Weekend!)

Paulo Boute. 

Life is Good! & Red-Cowled Cardinal.

March 22, 2008


Yesterday,  afternoon, at 04:30 pm, when the sun was not so hot…Me and my wife, took our son to a nearby playground.  We all had a great time: My son found three other kids to play with, my wife met the grand-mother of one of them & started a nice conversation…My hightlight was finding my first Red-Cowled Cardinal in the city of Aracajú! This is an endemic bird to Brazil & the only one that has “cowled” on its name…

There is a nice picture of it at:

I saw it, at the very moment, when it perched high on a tree…then, a few minutes later it started singing…

Sitting on a bench & seeing everyone having fun, including  me & bird , as well, I could get to  just one conclusion:  Life is Good!

Happy Easter!

Paulo Boute.

Brazilian Bird Fair.

March 20, 2008

Hello !

Today, I would like to spread the word about the Brazilian Bird Fair. It will be its third edition. It will be held in the city of Sao Paulo, from May 22th-25th.

I had been to the two previous ones. It is being a wonderful event. Specially, for its effort in teaching children about Birdwatching. On the last event, for example, there was a Oven Bird nest, big enough for them to get inside! What a Great Ideia.!

You can see photos of the Brazilian Bird Fair ( Called AVISTAR) at:

Best Regards,

Paulo Boute. 

Common Waxbills & Cattle Egrets.

March 19, 2008


In Brazil, we have two African birds: Common Waxbill and Cattle Egrets.

Which may not be a surprise to most readers. But, I would like to comment the fact that both have , by coincidence, the same food source, as they had in Africa.

The Cattle Egrets can feed on thicks on Buffalos, specially,  at the Island of Marajo, at the mouth of the Amazon River.

The Commom Waxbills can feed on the seeds of  the “Elephant Grass” ( Panicum sp.)

This grass has such name due the fact it can be tall enough to hide an elephant.

This grass was brought by the Portuguese Vessels when they were carrying  slaves.

The grass was used to make a layer on the floor for the slaves to sleep on…Once they arrived in Brazil, the grass was thrown away…

Other native Brazilian Seedeaters got used to feed on it, specially the Double-collared Seedeater – One of my favorite birds.

Good bye, for now.

Paulo Boute

Contribution Wanted

March 18, 2008

Hello !

It’s being great to use this BLOG  to share my experience with the Brazilian Birds, specially,  the Norhteastern ones. 

You can contribute, not just reading my BLOG  but, also sending your comments & suggestions…


Paulo Boute.