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Southern House Wren.

February 16, 2008


Last night rainned a lot for about one hour. But, it was enough to produce some good side effect this morning: I never had a  Southern House Wren singing so much and also a surprice a Rudy-Ground Dove, singing too. First time, since I moved to here about two months ago!!!

Well, I have to guide a trip to the Pantanal, in the coming week. So, I may not be writting on the next days…Hopefull, in two weeks. I will be back.

Enjoy the Weekend!




February 15, 2008

Last Wed. I went to the beach with my wife & our baby son: Mathew – 03 years old.

There I found a very tame flock of Sanderlings – We could stand just 10 feet away from them.  It was very nice to watch them. Specially, the way the walk/run – The movements of their legs were extremely fast!

Enjoy the week & Life!



February 12, 2008

It is good to travel but, also moving to a new town, is a great experience too…since, every time you see a new bird near your house you get excited knowing that you may keep seeing this bird frequently, once that is said, here are the new birds: Commom Waxbill ( Introduced from Africa) , Eared Dove and last, but not least: White Woodpecker.



Marcelo Sousa

February 11, 2008

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Marcelo Sousa.

He confirmed that the Whimbrel can be seen here in flocks of 300 individuals.

I saw one a few ago! Which was my lifer!

I get to talk mor to him!



Birding Trip to Murici

February 8, 2008


Next April, I will have my first client that booked a trip to the Northeast since I opened my branch office in Aracajú – State of Sergipe.

We shall have a day trip to Murici, at the State of Alagoas – A next door Brazilian State.

The Seven-colored Tanager will be a great target, as well, the Golden-Splanged Piculet,  just to mention a few.

I wish everyone a great weekend!

Paulo Boute.

Next Door Neighbors

February 7, 2008

I mentioned before, the first birds, I hear every morning but, there are others, that are all the time, around my home, which are easy to see & hear all day long: Southern House Wren ( singing while I write this), Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, Black-legged Hornero, Masked Water-Tyrant and Roadside Hawk. Believe or not, I hardly see a House Sparrow!


Paulo Boute.

Sun Lovers Paradise

February 4, 2008

The Northeast is a true “Sun Lovers Paradise”!

The Sunrise here is about 04:30 AM.

The first bird call I can hear, right by my window is a Great Kiskadee that, instead of its normal call, gives just a sort of  “warm up” call for about five minutes. Then, a Tropical Kingbird joins him and they start catching insect on a near by utility post, that were attracted by the light, during the night.

Sunset  is about 06:30 PM.

Due the huge amount of day light, the Northeast of Brazil, specially, along the coast is having a “boom” of new dwellers, specially scandinavians that are moving to here.

They find it cheap & the people very friendly.

May you all have a nice day & great week!

Paulo Boute. 

Cagged Birds.

February 3, 2008

People at the Northeast love cagges birds. The most common are the Red-Cowled Cardinal but, other birds are seen too such the Rufous-bellied Thrush and even Banaquits.

Soon, I shall start giving away T-shirts and baseball hats with messages to keep the birds free. Let’s hope it will work as it happened in other parts of Brazil, where I had done it before.

Golden-Capped Parakeet: Last week, when I saw this fantastic bird in the wild, for my very first time,  I found its white eye, something very special. It was like the bird was capable of hypnotize me! 🙂

I wish everyone a Wonderful Week!

Paulo Boute. 

Life in the Brazilian Northeast

February 2, 2008

After, being a pioneer birder in Mato Grosso for about 26 years, having the very first Birdwatching Tour Operator there, I opened a branch office at the State of Sergipe, in the Northeast part of Brazil. Again, I’m being a pioneer here too!

There is a lot to be done!

Things here are very different from any other part of Brazil. This is our poorest area!:-)

So, bird hunting for food is a common thing around here, as well, ilegal bird pet trade since money is scarce.

In other hand, it is a very interesting place, beautiful scenary & landscape and a endemic & unique type of vegetation, at its, back country: The CAATINGA.

A very dry vegetation, that harbors a good number of endemics birds, such the Pectoral Antwren and Lear’s Macaw.

I birded in the Northeast a couple of times. I intend to guide tours here, during the dry season: November-April. Then, guide in the Pantanal & other parts of Brazil for the rest of the year.

English is my second language but, I try to do my best in passing my readers the challenges I will be having for the rest of my life.



Life in the Brazilian Northeast

February 1, 2008